Designing a successful website involves much more than just “making it look nice.” These days, one has to consider so many elements and align them in a manner that helps your website achieve the goals of your business.

Who will be using it? What will their need states typically be? What type of impression do you want to make? What do you want them to do?

Properly handling all of these items is no small task. It requires so much more than just the ability to use Photoshop or knowing how to write code. Much of it comes from experience—something we have a lot of, considering we were established in 2002.


Successful websites don’t just sit there—they do things. There are lots of websites that are nice to look at… But does your website actually do things and make you more productive and efficient?

When planning a website, there are two ways to think about what your site can do. Oftentimes Clients come to us with ideas (“It would be great if we could…”). For each and every project, though, we’ll also brainstorm ideas for unique functions that your site can benefit from for your consideration. We happily provide this advice–based on over a decade of experience–with no obligation whatsoever.

When we combine your knowledge of your business with our development expertise, we can achieve some remarkable results.



For many businesses, a steady stream of leads is literally a lifeline. However, you need more than just “leads.” You need high quality leads in order to grow your business and increase revenue.

Lead generation takes place on two fronts: your website, and a strategic plan that generates the right traffic to your website. Each depends on the other.

At Ascend, we develop a Strategic Marketing Plan (SMP) for your business before we ever begin a project. By having the same team design your website and implement a traffic and lead generation strategy, you benefit from unbelievable results.

The exact activities that your SMP will include will depend on your goals, industry, needs, etc. No two businesses are alike, so you deserve a fresh approach.


The best website in the world is useless if the right people can’t find it.

We use a combination of tools, activities, and skill sets to get and keep your name in front of your target audience. Depending on your exact needs, we’ll perform one or more of the following:

  • Search Ads (Pay-per-click)
  • Content Marketing
  • Programmatic Display Ads
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing

When we create your Strategic Marketing Plan, we’ll clearly outline which of these activities we feel will benefit you, and why.



No successful website is ever finished. Your goals change, situations change, customer preferences evolve…
You get the point.

Therefore, it is vital that you have a proactive plan in place for continually monitoring and improving your website.

We will monitor your website’s analytics and discuss what’s new with you on a regular basis. Additionally, our management and improvement personnel will remain in continuous contact with our marketing team, so your website will always properly accommodate current marketing activities.


When you hire Ascend, you’re getting so much more than designers, developers, and marketers. You’re getting access to our unmatched experience, knowledge, and insight.

When you aren’t sure what your next step should be, or perhaps even what your goals should be, let us know. We’ll meet for customized Strategy Sessions that will identify all components of your situation, and devise a strategic set of next steps.

Here are a few examples of Strategic Consulting services we’ve engaged in:

  • Identify a highly profitable niche for a medical services startup
  • Develop a promotional and awareness strategy for a new consumer product
  • Develop a complete Strategic Marketing Plan (SMP) for a private air charter company


We only work with companies with specialized needs.

We’ve developed a fast and easy application—it takes only sixty seconds—that will help us determine if you’re an ideal Client for us.

If we don’t see you as a good fit, we’ll work to point you in the direction of someone who is better suited to serve your needs.