SEM typically includes Google AdWords, and sometimes includes ads on other search engines.

This remains an incredibly cost-effective and fast way to generate leads. We manage SEM for Clients across many industries, from medical to law to travel.

When we meet for your complimentary consultation, we’ll share actual numbers with you, such as the number of searches performed each month for your services, what search ads would cost, etc.

We have a Client that performs a specialized medical procedure. This is a highly profitable procedure that earns our Client revenue between $15,000 and $40,000 per patient.

They hired us to create, implement, and manage a SEM strategy for their practice.

Initially, we were generating hundreds of leads per month. However, a high percentage of these leads where not considered high quality. We did as we do with all SEM projects: we gradually improved the results of our efforts by studying the data and making informed optimizations to the campaigns.

Currently, we’re generating ~50 leads per month–with a qualified lead percentage over 90%. Fewer, highly qualified leads are much better (and less expensive) than many low quality leads. Factoring in our services and click charges, our Client is paying less than $500 per patient.

Our Client is ecstatic, as they’re paying less than $500 for each patient that generates $15,000 – $40,000 in revenue. The best part? We never stop optimizing and improving our Clients’ SEM campaigns, so their acquisition costs are gradually decreasing, resulting in even higher profit margins.

We have several Clients in the travel/hospitality industry, and several in the vacation property rental/management space. Once such Client has engaged our SEM services for several years.

They are a smaller company with fewer properties to market, so their numbers are smaller in volume compared to larger competitors. However, the revenue we’re generating for them is impressive.

To date, we have generated thousands of reservations for them with SEM (and many thousands more with SEO). For reservations generated through SEM, their acquisition costs (our management fees and click charges) are approximately $6, and their average revenue per reservation is between $350-$500.

Thousands of reservations, with an average acquisition cost of $6, and an average transaction amount of $350-$500… Don’t let anyone tell you SEM doesn’t work or is too expensive!


At Ascend, we offer a revolutionary way of selling SEO services that gives you control and incredible value.

As you may be aware, SEO is quite complex and involves many different activities. Other web providers charge you each time these services are performed–regardless of the results achieved. SEO can take a long time to create positive results, so this leaves you spending money each month and getting nothing in return.

At Ascend, we don’t charge you for any of the services we perform. We know you want to hold us accountable, so we only charge you when we get results. Ask us for details.

We would love to share here details of some of our SEO services. However, this isn’t fair to our Clients.

When we meet for your complimentary consultation, we’ll share details of a few SEO projects then. We just have to be careful and respective of our Clients!

“Ascend’s attention to detail, professionalism, and support made this entire process easy and the trust the staff exuded left me feeling comfortable throughout. I look forward to working with Ascend in the future.”

Dr. Kimberley Ackerson, Ackerson & Associates, Birmingham, AL


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