Simply put, it is the process of preparing two or more variants (A & B) of a marketing item (website landing page, email marketing campaign, etc.), and monitoring their performance so as to determine which produces better results.

There are so many items that can be tested. Prices. Call-to-action verbiage. Colors. Layout. Photos… The list goes on, and the possibilities are endless.


Ever offered a promotion, such as 20% off, and wondered why more people didn’t respond? Perhaps a different promotion would have worked better…

Let’s say you marketed the promotion with an email campaign. We could have shown a random selection of your list a 20% off message, while the other portion could be shown a different promotion, such as “Spend $100, get $20 off.” We would then perform a detailed analysis and would know which promotional message earned a better return for you, allowing you to have more focused promotions in the future.


If you’re advertising on search or social media, you likely have a landing page strategy in place (if not, please contact us). We’ve been in business for 14 years (longer than almost all web marketing firms), and we’ve never met anyone who could create a perfect landing page on the first try (or second for that matter).

Therefore, we save time by implementing multiple variants of landing pages, monitoring data and analytics for each one, determining which is performing best. We test and monitor everything from layouts to stock photos to call-to-action text, and more. As our testing grows, you’ll enjoy higher and higher conversion rates.


Email may be one of the more elder children in the family of web marketing options, but it offers some of the most advanced and rewarding possibilities for multivariate marketing.

If you’re curious what types of calls-to-action, promotions, or blog topics your audience (customers, prospects, or both) will find most interesting, email is a great way to find out. We can vary subject lines, messages, even the entire email contents on a random basis or based on list segmentation. Data doesn’t lie, and with it we’ll determine for you what worked best.

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