Targeting is crucial when creating and managing your subscriber lists. Very few of your emails should be sent to all of your subscribers. Think about it: if Macy’s is having a sale on men’s outerwear, should the email be sent to women who typically shop for their kids? Whatever promotion or message you’re wanting to communicate, be sure it goes to the appropriate persons. This golden rule of marketing is oftentimes forgotten in the digital realm, but it is crucial when emailing your prospects. Send a poorly targeted email campaign, and watch your unsubscribe rates skyrocket!


Would you send more marketing emails if they were easy to send? What if you could send marketing emails every single day, without it requiring a single moment of your time?

With our automation capabilities, this can be a reality. Regardless of your business or industry, we can implement a system that automates the process of keeping your name in front of customers and prospects.


Ease of viewing & reading is imperative. Consider how most American adults always have a mobile device within arm’s reach, and you can understand why it is important for your emails to look great on phones and tablets. Just like responsive websites, emails can be designed to adapt to any screen size for optimal viewing. The easiest way for an email to end up in the trash is for it to be difficult to read. All emails we design and send look great on any device.

“Ascend’s attention to detail, professionalism, and support made this entire process easy and the trust the staff exuded left me feeling comfortable throughout. I look forward to working with Ascend in the future.”

Dr. Kimberley Ackerson, Ackerson & Associates, Birmingham, AL


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