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Zach Jones is the president & CEO of Ascend. Also the founder, Zach has been with Ascend since its inception in 2002.

What Makes Ascend Different?

When looking for a web marketing provider, there is no shortage of choices. [...]

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Website Design: Mobile-Friendly or Mobile-First?

For many established businesses, having a website that predates iPhones and iPads is [...]

Ascend Client Wins Small Business of the Year Award

Like proud parents watching children walk across the stage at an awards ceremony, [...]

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How to Increase Your Google Ranking and Get More Website Traffic in 2016

Few things control the success (or lack thereof) of your website more than [...]

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Reasonable Expectations for a New Website

If you’re considering a new website, what should your expectations be with regard [...]

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Veterans Day 2015

At Ascend, we’re all about relationships. If you’re a current Client, then hopefully [...]

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How Often Should I Update my Website?

Everyone seems to understand that regularly updating your website is important, but few [...]

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How Presidential Candidates are Using the Web

I’m quite sure that no one reading this witnessed any of the Lincoln-Douglas [...]

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Affecting Customer Behavior with Presentation

As consumers in a capitalistic society, every single day we are bombarded with [...]

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Does Email Marketing Work?

"Does email marketing work?" When meeting with prospects and Clients, we more often [...]

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