Increase Organic Rankings

High organic rankings are what every business dreams of. Like anything else worth having, organic rankings aren’t easily earned. And boy, can it be tough work!

So many activities must be done very well to beat out your competitors for the coveted top spots. We have a great track record of getting our Clients at or near the top of Google. We’ll gladly share a few case studies during a consultation (for obvious reasons, we don’t share this information publicly).

Keyword Discovery

What keywords and phrases are your target audience using when searching for businesses like yours? Knowing the answers is vital to getting traffic from Google.

While many keywords are predictable, we are almost always able to identify keywords with sizable search traffic, but that have not yet been identified or targeted by your competitors.

We’ll actively optimize your site and its content to rank highly for the keywords being used by your target audience. It isn’t uncommon for keywords to change over time. We’ll stay on top of all trends within your industry and among your target audience.

Content Development

Google loves high quality content. Gone are the days in which Google simply scanned for keywords; Google can now intelligently determine which sites have quality, original content relevant to a search query.

Ensuring your site has regularly updated content relevant to your target audience is the most important thing you can do to improve organic rankings. We specialize in creating great content for our Clients, while you focus on running your business. Once the content is created, we’ll keep it optimized.

Link Building

This old tactic still works, but is often overlooked as it is flat out hard work. When Google sees sites linking to third-party content, it assumes that content must be of high quality. Therefore, it values that content more, resulting in it being ranked more highly in the future. This is a simple overview of a complex process.

We work on your behalf to generate inbound links from relevant, quality sites to your content. We use only ‘white hat’ methods. Beware of providers that promise ‘X inbound links for $Y.’ That is a great way to be penalized by Google!





“…I would highly recommend, and could not think of anyone that would be a stronger mentor to guide a company through the ever increasing complexity of the internet age.”
Vann Brown, Brown Ox Ventures


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