Ascend is a results-oriented company whose sincere concerns center around the continued success and growth of our Clients.

We feel it is a tremendous privilege to earn the trust of businesses seeking to succeed in a web-based world. We strive each day to exceed expectations and achieve results by listening to and anticipating the needs of our Clients, and developing strategic solutions to unique problems.

Ultimately, not only do we relentlessly pursue positive results, but we seek to do so in a manner that provides superb service and genuine care to our Clients.



It all started in 1997… Our founder Zach Jones was in seventh grade and received a new computer with internet access for Christmas, and he was instantly hooked. A natural desire to learn how things work propelled Zach to begin building basic websites, primarily for sharing with friends. In high school, Zach turned this hobby into a career, helping small businesses grow with the power of the web. By graduation this had become a full-fledged company, Warehouse-Media.

This company grew into one of the region’s leading marketing companies, offering web marketing services, graphic/print design, and even printing services. By 2013, we were busier than we wanted to be at too many things, so with Zach still at the helm, we rebranded ourselves as Ascend and chose to return to our roots and focus only on web marketing services.

Now, it is 2016 and we are celebrating 14 years of helping businesses succeed. We’ve worked with companies as large as Chick-fil-A as well as countless small businesses and local entrepreneurs. Over the years we’ve evolved into a specialty provider, incredibly adept at working with service-based companies. In a market with many competitors, we are recognized as the provider of choice for when only the best will do. We dismissed a “jack of all trades, master of none” philosophy and have chosen a role as specialized partner for service-based businesses.

We hope to partner with your business as we each continue to write our own stories of success.





Our consultations aren’t sales pitches. We actually listen to you, learning about your business, your needs, and your goals.